We recognize the importance of business development expertise and technical support to early-stage companies. We work closely with founders to help teams succeed as quickly as possible.

How can we help build your disruptive company?


  • Custdev, hypothesis testing, and user acquisition from our network.
  • Enhancing your Product-Market Fit
  • Providing recommendations for improving your business model and sales processes
  • Offering advice while developing and implementing marketing strategies
  • Improving project documentation and marketing materials
  • Introducing you to potential partners and reliable contractors from various fields
  • Support during contact hunting and strategic negotiations
  • Preparing you for the next investment rounds

Engineering support

  • Reviewing business, product, and user requirements for PoC/MVP
  • Assessing correspondence between documentation and current codebase
  • Reviewing your current system architecture
  • Improving your software delivery process dynamics
  • Evaluating the deployed system's potential infrastructure scalability and observability
  • Analyzing current system performance to overcome bottlenecks and improve reliability and fault-tolerance
  • Assessing the delivery process and the workflow between development and operations
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